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A Diary of Darkness is likely one of the most vital and compelling records of wartime Japan. among 1942 and 1945, the liberal journalist Kiyosawa Kiyoshi (1890-1945) stored at nice own probability a diary of his frequently subversive social and political observations and his own struggles. The diary prompted a sensation while it was once released in Japan in 1948 and is this day considered as a vintage. this can be the 1st time it has seemed in English.

Kiyosawa used to be an American-educated commentator on politics and overseas affairs who grew to become more and more remoted in Japan as militant nationalists rose to strength. He begun the diary as notes for a heritage of the battle, however it quickly turned an "inadvertent autobiography" and a shelter for the sour feedback of jap authoritarianism that he needed to repress publicly. It chronicles transforming into bureaucratic regulate over every thing from the click to people's garments. Kiyosawa pours scorn on such leaders as Premiers Tojo and Koiso. He laments the increase of hysterical propaganda and relates his personal and his acquaintances' struggles to prevent arrest. He writes in gripping aspect approximately expanding poverty, crime, and illness. He files the feelings of the neighborhood barber as faithfully as these of senior politicians. And the entire whereas he strains the slow disintegration of Japan's battle attempt and the looming simple task of defeat.

A Diary of Darkness is a perceptive and brave account of wartime Japan and a revealing list of the devastation wrought via overall war.

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